Personal projects

1992 · Suc de poma (Apple juice)

SPRING PHOTOGRAPHY. Sexta Edition. Barcelona 1992

Collective Exhibition (Salsa Picant) Fina Lunes, Montse Campins, Marta Povo.
Prologue of the book Primavera Fotográfica (Spring Photography). Generalitat of Catalunya. Department of Culture.

The woman photographer wants to be a confirmation of the importance that as author has the woman in this discipline, since the beginning of the history of photography.

David Balcells.


The starting point of this first exhibition of Fina Lunes is a journey into the inner depths of the human being. This “apple” allegorical, feminine and provocative, synonymous with a whole universe formed by sensations, experiences, emotions and feelings, which claim their right to see the light.

The reflection of this experience, what in this case we call «juice» and that arrives to us as a poetic symphony of images, is the part of the trip to which we have been invited. The return of the interior, the proposal of a ludic and aesthetic first experience, for all those who approach it, but who in reality hide a will to awaken emotions in the «voyeur». Apple juice is, in short, a tribute to the restless spirits, to the open minds, to the deep feelings devoid of tragedy, to the will to live and especially to the positive option of each day.

Conxita Parra i Enfedaque, journalist.


1995 · El Jardí dels llavis (The Garden of lips)

This collection of photographs is the second part of the «Unfinished trilogy of the senses», which began with “Apple Juice“. The “Garden of lips” suggests a trip again. On this occasion for everyday life and its landscapes: fear, envy, seduction, desire.


1996/97 · Fashion as a concept


A personal reflection on the essence of fashion and the concepts that support it, was the starting point of this research work. Relying on the close relationship that is established naturally between the seasons and the world of fashion, Fina Lunes built a walk in images where they reveal various aspects that nurture fashion: seduction, harmony, elegance, vanity, ability of dreaming, innovation, color, femininity. Fashion is something more than wearing a garment, it’s a lifestyle. That is why Fina Lunes decided not to use clothes in her project. A single element related to nature is what gives us the key to the concept that is being developed.

Conxita Parra i Enfedaque, journalist.


2001 · Sea Sheels

The strength of the color and the beauty of the shapes of the shells are the aesthetic elements of this photographic work. Based on emotions and feelings, the sea becomes the protagonist of life and energy.


2010 · The Attentive Look: landscapes from the inner smile

La Mirada Atenta (The Attentive Look) are images made from calm and tranquility. Fruit of a meditative state where all the positive energy emanating from the contemplation of these landscapes emerges in a fluid way.